Bug Sweeping: An Unfortunate Corporate Necessity

Have you ever had a situation where your highly-sensitive information has reiterated that you know – for sure – was discussed in a private office with only one other person present? If it has not been divulged by the other person you were in discussion with, there is potential you are being bugged by a monitoring bug device – such as a hidden camera or listening device.

Sadly, it is not a far-fetched scenario in today’s business world. As the old saying goes – ‘Information is power’, and it is also very lucrative for those looking to attain it. A bug sweep (or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) is a service that a private investigation agency can provide to private and corporate clients within the Manchester and Cheshire area that can help eliminate or confirm your suspicions on such devices.

A Clean Sweep of Your Business

Conducting a bug sweep in your business will search the entire premises to hunt any potential concealed devices hidden in the building. If any devices are discovered, our trained professional team will safely remove them.

Conducting regular bug sweeping in your business is vitally important to ensure that your business and private conversations stay confidential. From a security standpoint, you must understand the potential risks and threats a bug device brings to your company. Ensuring that you have prevented this threat as much as possible keeps your company safe and your information in safe hands.

If your company is due to have a senior corporate meeting within the office requiring strict confidentiality – we advise a bug sweep hours before the event and after it has concluded. That helps ensure the space is not compromised, and devices intended to leak information to third parties are not situated in prime spots.

Why Use a Private Investigation Service

Manchester is a huge corporate sector where many businesses have head offices and high-stakes meetings in corporate boardrooms. Our trained private investigator Cheshire professionals are specialists in detecting concealed devices, using various search techniques during the sweeping process with the latest technology that allows for detection and location.

If any bug device is uncovered during the duration of a bug sweep, we will remove them for you and provide you with a full written report outlining all findings from the sweep investigation.

If you have security concerns and suspicions of confidential information leaking from your meeting rooms, contact the team at JRM Consultants today for more information on the full range of services we provide as a private investigator Manchester.


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