Process Serving: A New Year Tradition

Process serving is having crucial legal documents delivered quickly and efficiently so that there is no delay in court proceedings. As one year ends and another begins, January sees an increase in the need for process serving documents for several reasons.

Once the holidays finish and everyone returns to a regular way of life, items like divorce papers, bankruptcy petitions, or court orders start to make their way back into circulation. At JRM Consultants, we offer a range of private investigation agency services, which makes us highly effective as process servers.

Types of Process Serving

Naturally, many different types of legal documents require professional private investigator Cheshire services to deliver.

The most common are divorce petitions delivered to a spouse or family court orders such as injunctions, non-molestation orders, and more. Other  legal documents include claim forms, statutory demands, and bankruptcy petitions. More commonly, a private investigator Manchester will deliver injunctions or orders to attend court for various matters.

With the delicate nature of these documents and reliance on them recorded as received by a party to press forward, a private investigator will work within the law to ensure they are delivered and recorded.

Experts in Law

As a private investigator Cheshire, we have an excellent understanding of the law and how to work within the confines of it to conduct process serving.

That means our agents fully understand what they can and cannot do when trying to serve crucial legal documents to those being evasive – as well as the necessary evidence required to prove serving was successful. Whether a document requires a statement, an affidavit, or a certificate of proof, we ensure that everything is recorded so your legal case can proceed with no issues.

Experts at Finding People

As a private investigator, one of our core strengths is the ability to track and locate people. That means we can serve your papers faster.

It won’t matter if you don’t have the most recent contact details and address for the individual or company or if they are actively avoiding being served legal papers they know are due. Our skilled team has a wide range of skills and technology at their disposal to enable a fast track of the party so that we can serve them promptly, from private surveillance to background checks.

If you need assistance with process serving this January, contact the team at JRM Consultancy to talk through what you need and ensure that your important legal documentation reaches the arty in a timely and professional process.


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